Amazon Portal

Thank you for visiting our portal. All orders placed through this portal result in a up to a 8% commission for the church, at no extra cost to you.


In keeping with our UU principals, we encourage you to shop locally, and to be informed about Amazon's business practices.  If you decide to use Amazon, purchasing through our portal will support the church financially.

Making your purchase is simple.  Each time you go shopping, start on this page. Click the "home page" graphic above, or one of advertisements below, and Amazon does the rest – tracking your order and crediting the church with the commission. After you're on the Amazon site you can go wherever you want within the site and all purchases made during that session earn a commission for the church.

If you have ad-blocking software and can't see the graphics, use this link


Important privacy note: The webmaster and church office staff will be able to view reports that list the items ordered through this portal. However, ensures all of it's customers' privacy and provides absolutely no information about who ordered the items.