Church News

Vagina Monologues Success


We are proud to announce our third annual performance of the Vagina Monologues, sponsored by our church and Area 23, raised just under $1000 to benefit the Crisis Center of Central NH! We are so grateful to the many people who made this event possible: performers, crew, volunteers, and attendees. Special thanks to […]

Solar Array Makes a Budget Impact

Welcome news on our electric bills since the Solar Array went online in May, 2017: The table below compares the kilowatt hours used and our electric bills (June through January) for 2016 and 2017/18.

MonthKWH Used
2016KWH Used
2017Electric Bill
2016Electric Bill









Note that in December and January we generated very little electricity, while we used […]

The Imam of Concord Joined us for Sunday Service

We were so pleased that Imam Mustafa of the Islamic Society of Greater Concord could join us for our morning worship service on February 11th.

The service led by church member Suzanne Rude was entitled “Strong at the Broken Places: The Art of Mending” and dealt with our February theme of resilience. Reverend Michael Leuchtenberger and […]