Michael Leuchtenberger

Ministry Musings

May 2016

I have a vision that three years from now more than half of us will be actively involved in the lives of our church children - involved by sharing in their classroom formation, involved as a mystery match “mate,” involved playing games, going on hikes, acting as mentors, or providing care while parents get a much needed break.

I have a vision of a congregation where each adult knows the names (and favorite activity) of at least 20 children and every child can remember a fun interaction with at least 10 adults they trust and like.

I have a vision of a choir that no longer fits into the front pews on Sunday mornings and a growing group of congregants who have learned invaluable life skills through the leadership training opportunities offered through church.

I imagine a church that pays its fair share to the UUA and a church that can offer health insurance & retirement benefits to their staff despite escalating premiums without having to reduce staff hours and program support.

I have a vision of a church that is able to pay for rising costs of heating and maintaining our aging building while keeping our draw on the endowment sustainable and healthy.

I have a vision that this year we lay the financial foundation for this vision to gain a stable footing. Our goal is to raise our pledges by an average of three percent. I personally decided to increase my pledge by 5% as of May or about $12 more each month. It feels good and right and doable.

I hope you will join me by completing the enclosed (yellow) Pledge CHANGE Card. How much a month are you willing to add to YOUR pledge? 25 cents? A dollar? $2.50? Or if you have never pledged, please use the other side of the card indicating the amount you would like to pledge monthly or per year. We each have different budgets to consider so any amount you can do will be much appreciated. Just mail or bring back your card to the office, or call Administrator Lea Smith at 224-0291 with your updated information.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.