Michael Leuchtenberger

Ministry Musings

June/July 2016

A question that’s come up rather frequently about my sabbatical time in Germany has been: “Will you come back?” So in case you’ve also been wondering, the answer is a resounding: “YES!” Yes, because I feel there is a lot of important work I hope to still do with you in the years ahead. Yes, because I believe there is a lot of meaningful ministry left to share. And,

Yes, because I expect to come back renewed and refreshed in my excitement and commitment to the UU ministry and the healing and transforming power of what we do as a faith community.
Yes, because I look forward to finding out how you have changed while I was gone, how you have found ways to reimagine your own ministry at church and in service to the world.

A sabbatical is meant to serve both the minister AND the congregation. It is a time to reconnect with what’s truly important, a time to remember your passions and let them flourish, and a time to take stock of what nourishes your spirit, heart and mind. A sabbatical is an opportunity to try out something different, to experience a change from the routine, to ask questions about what matters and how you want to be involved – at church and in life.

So here is my charge to you: Take advantage of this period between September and February. Use this time to try out leadership in new ways, participate in something new, take a risk. Step up to the many volunteer opportunities that will be available – or take your own sabbatical, if that’s what you need.

Whatever you end up doing, my hope is that we will see each other again in March, ready to say: Yes, we are back. Yes, we are excited and motivated to share what we have learned and to joyfully move forward into round 2 of our shared ministry with each other.

With love and affection,