We are transitioning to a new calendar and this page will not maintained after September 8, 2017.
Please see the new calendar at: concorduu.org/calendar.php

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Event Requests - All Church Events

You are requesting an event to appear on the church's "Public Calendar." Items on this calendar will appear on the web calendar and in the in the weekly eBulletin. If this event is open to the public, please check the category box "public event," so that it will appear in the upcoming events list on the front page of the church website.

You are encouraged to fill out the "Notes" portion of the event request form - this information will appear in the calendar so that church members and the public will know what your event is all about.

Please Note: Your name and email address will appear on the public web calendar if you fill out those fields.

You can ask for a specific room (under "category") but we may need to schedule you elsewhere, depending on what's going on at church that day.

If you need to include a private message to the office staff, you'll have an opportunity after clicking the "Next" button on the request form. Please leave your name on that "Additional Request Notes" page, so we know who's making the request. You can also leave your email address on that page, and request a confirmation email.


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