Reparations – Why Now? Why Us?

As Unitarian Universalists we are called to “go boldly into our future”. But how can we go boldly into our future when we haven’t yet atoned for or paid for the sins of our past? The United States prospered on the backs of its slaves. It’s time to repay that debt and invite the descendants […]

Plugged in to Hope

Albert Schweitzer reminds us that “at times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.” Hope is the lifeline to what comes next, it is “the argument that refutes death, the genius that invents the future” in the words of poet Lisel Mueller. Yet hope is neither guaranteed nor […]

Strong at the Broken Places: The Art of Mending

As humans, the struggles in our lives can leave physical, emotional or spiritual wounds that need mending. Our resilience can be enhanced when we accept that all of us have been broken in some ways, and that the history of our healing adds to our uniqueness. In this service, we will explore artistic styles throughout […]

Coming Back to Life

When tragedy hits, when trauma numbs our senses, when we are hurting inside and out, how do we hang in there?  How do we come back to life?  Come hear stories of people reclaiming life when hope was hard to justify, stories of resilience in the face of adversity, stories of strength and courage growing […]