After Virtue

Has liberalism failed? How can we find common ground in questions of right and wrong in an increasingly diverse society? We will reflect on ethical growth, both cultural and individual.

Yoga Tools for Chaotic Times

Just a few decades ago, far fewer of us might have considered taking such a radical, “New Age” activity seriously… and even now, with a yoga class on practically every corner, many people continue to fear that they are not physically flexible enough or do not want to be lured into some sort of religion […]

Thoreau and What we Learn in the Woods

Simply put, a transcendentalist believes that a person can gain special, transcendent knowledge about creation, god, faith, etc. from being close to nature. Thoreau’s Walden is his written explanation of how he spent his time living alone on the banks of Walden Pond in Concord, MA. What wisdom does Thoreau offer us today?