The Need for Answers

In the information age, with answers literally at our fingertips, why is it important to still have mystery in our lives? Is the need for an answer greater than the desire for the unknown or inexplicable? The emphasis on proof and outcomes is important but mystery persists as a reminder to enjoy the process.

Today’s community plate is […]

Songs From our Memories

This service will feature a selection of songs picked individually by each of the Wholly Rollers, with an introduction by the Roller who recalled this particular song from their musical history. Most, or perhaps all, will be new songs to the Rollers, trying to expand our “appeal”. It should make for an interesting social […]

To Be Determined

Topic and speaker yet to be confirmed.  Check back soon!

Divided No More: Bringing Together Soul and Role

Sometimes we find our everyday lives separated from our innermost being. The passion and zeal or earlier times can grow stale and alien. The prospect of being “divided no more” is something we all can work toward, generating both energy and tranquility.

Tantra and the Feminine Divine

In Hinduism, the mother goddess or Devi, embodies the cosmic force of SHAKTI – all powerful ENERGY. Shakti is a primordial force that gives life as it moves throughout the universe animating, defining, expanding. For nearly 10,000 centuries, the adoration of the feminine divine has motivated people to explore the complex collection of rituals and […]

Thoreau and What we Learn in the Woods

Simply put, a transcendentalist believes that a person can gain special, transcendent knowledge about creation, god, faith, etc. from being close to nature. Thoreau’s Walden is his written explanation of how he spent his time living alone on the banks of Walden Pond in Concord, MA. What wisdom does Thoreau offer us today?