The annual distribution of the Trust has been administered by the Second Congregational Society Unitarian Universalist for many years and all the proceeds (except $2000 per year granted to the Concord Society) must be awarded to other UU Churches in New Hampshire. These grants are awarded in two broad categories:

  • The “Ministry” grants allow qualified applicants to provide their services to New Hampshire UU Churches in both traditional and innovative UU ministries.
  • The “Project” grants are generally used to improve access, comply with building code, and repair New Hampshire UU Churches.


Here is a summary of the grants made possible by the Lewis Downing Trust to benefit the UU Churches of New Hampshire.


UU Church Manchester, Sanctuary for immigrants $5050

Walpole Unitarian Church, walkway entrance $3250

UU Society of Laconia, social justice $1500

UU Society of Laconia, safety project $1034

UU Church in Springfield, advertising $1020

Kali Fyre, 2018 Minister at Large $3500.21


UU Church of Franklin, mold remediation and remodel $10,177.52

M’ellen Kennedy, 2017 Minister at Large $4160

UU Church of Franklin, repairs, renovations, handicapped ramp, $6700
UU Church of Portsmouth, support for new fire safety system, $6512

Nottingham UU Church, renovate front entry, $4241.59
UU Society of Laconia, advertising, $1000.00
UU Church of Nashua, White Wing School, certification, $5000.00
Rev. Carol Strecker, 2015 minister at large, $3600

Peterborough UU Church, kitchen renovations, $6,775.00
UU Society of Laconia, advertising, $1,000.00
Keene UU Church, accessible door opener, $2,500.00
Rev Jeanne Nieuwajaar, 2014 minister at large, $1,499.16

Rev. Shayna Appel, minister at large and support for writing book $6252.02
UU Society of Laconia, advertising campaign $1000
UU Church of Manchester, music program support $2000

UU Society, Laconia, Public Relations Campaign, $1000
Kearsarge UU Fellowship, 50% of advertising, choir development and guest speakers, $2020
UU Church of Manchester, Membership Coordinator, $3472.49

UU Church of Manchester, Hire Membership Coordinator, $5400
UU Society of Laconia, Advertising, $1000
Starr King UU Fellowship (Plymouth), Part time pianist, $1000
UU Fellowship of the Eastern Slopes, PR Campaign, $2900
Jennifer Whitten, Minister at Large, $2500
UU Church of Manchester, Music Ministry, $1414.15

UU Society of Laconia, guest preachers $2000
Rev. Emily Burr, minister-at-large, 10 sermons $2000
Rev. Brendan Hadash, minister for North Country UU  $3200
Northern New England District, salary support for Rev. Mary Higgins, $800
UU Church of Manchester, music program support, $2331.84
Walpole UU Church, infrastructure in honor of 250th anniversary, $2000

UU Church Manchester for music ministry $5725
NNED Rev. Mary Higgins, minister-at-large  $4000
NNED  UU Action Network  $1000
North Country UU Society, general support for emerging congregation  $4287.26

Tess George, UU Action Network – $1000 for 10 worship services/sermons
NH/VT District – $3000 for salary support/preaching and other work
UU Congregation, St. Johnsbury VT – $5537.09 for outreach ministry to Northern NH
Rev. William Saunders, Trustee to UU District Board – $1000 travel expenses for 8 sermons in NH

Revs. Marcel and Ellie Duhamel $2000 for 4 services on Channing Christianity
NH/VT District $ 4000 salary support for Rev. Mary Higgins
South Church (Portsmouth) – $3000 for lecture series
Manchester UU Church – $3556  support for growth plan
Kearsarge UU Fellowship – $2000 for guest speakers

Barbara Coeyman $4327.43 for 16 sermons
NH/VT District – $4000 for 10 sermons or other services/salary support for Rev. Mary Higgins
Laconia UU Church – $4000 to replace floors
South Church (Portsmouth) – $1500 for 6 summer guest ministers