June 20, 2021

We’re starting to re-open!

In celebration of rapidly declining COVID transmission and widespread vaccination, we are eliminating most of our restrictions on June 21!  Should transmission increase, we will reinstate restrictions.

Our decisions are rooted in four principles described by UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray:

  1. As a faith community, we root our decisions in the values of inclusion and consent.
  2. Follow the science. 
  3. Go slow and be flexible. 
  4. Finally, be humane and realistic with expectations of ourselves and others.

How many people can attend worship?

As of June 21, we will welcome everyone to attend worship without pre-registration or capacity limits!  We will continue to offer a vibrant livestream experience for those at home.  Multi-platform worship is here to stay!  If COVID transmission rises, we will return to preregistration and capacity limits.

Are masks required?

Those who are not vaccinated must wear a mask indoors.  Also, anyone who is singing must wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. While we aren’t requiring masks if you are vaccinated, there are many good reasons to do so: setting a good example for unvaccinated children, being welcoming to those who are not vaccinated, protecting those who might not have a strong immune response due to age or illness, and conveying that “we’re all in this together.”  We respect and honor the choice of anyone to wear a mask. If COVID transmission rises, we may reinstate mask requirements for all.

Can Covenant Groups and committees meet?

Yes!  Fellowship Hall has a spacious meeting area with a lovely new rug to give it a warmer feel. It is set up for multi-platform meetings if someone in your group is more comfortable participating from home. Email heidi@concorduu.org to reserve your space.

What ventilation precautions are in place?

The Sanctuary ventilation system has been adjusted to provide extra ventilation.  In addition, we’ve added a portable unit with a HEPA air filter.

In Fellowship Hall, a mechanical engineer has assured us that our ventilation well exceeds code.  Staff will program the ventilation to run whenever the room is occupied. It also has a portable unit with a HEPA air filter.

What do you mean by “multi-platform programs”?

We value inclusion of people who can not or prefer not to attend in-person gatherings due to COVID, or for any other reason. We’ll continue to provide a rich livestream experience even as more people worship in person.  We’ve set up a projector and camera in Fellowship Hall to allow hybrid meetings.  A virtual option will be provided for any gathering upon request of one or more person(s).

What are the rules about food and beverage?

Food and beverage are not yet allowed indoors, but enjoying them outdoors is a great idea. If planning an outdoor meeting with food, give consideration to weather, as moving the food indoors will not be allowed.

Are rentals permitted?

We are open for recurring support groups but not for new rentals.  The Pandemic Policy Team will discuss this question at their next meeting in late July.


Our Pandemic Policy Team is developing policies and procedures that balance the desire to experience church activities face-to-face with the need to keep our congregants as safe as possible. The PPT includes:

  • Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger (Senior Minister)
  • Rev. Lyn Marshall (Minister of Lifespan Faith Development)
  • Lea Smith (Director of Membership & Administration)
  • Heidi Page (Office Administrator)
  • Jim Schlosser (Board of Trustees)
  • Belinda Nerl (Operations Leadership Team)
  • BJ Entwisle (Member at Large)
  • Jeff Fetter (Member at Large)


Pandemic Policies and Procedures

New policies will be added here as they are developed.

COVID Campus Use Policy 1.4  — effective 6/21/21


Building Reboot Team
A great team (Wendy Olson, Mandy Nason, Loren Hill, Bob Lyon, Fran Philippe, Michael Leuchtenberger, Lyn Marshall, Heidi Page, Lea Smith) is starting to work on some small projects to spruce up the building before fall, for our grand re-gathering!