Update – January 12, 2022

Transmission in Merrimack County is “Substantial” with hospitals facing capacity strain – Phase 5 of our COVID Policy 2.3

Now in Phase 5 – Worship primarily livestream, with up to 20 people attending in person by preregistration.

Hospitals in our area are severely strained by the current COVID surge. In keeping with our COVID Policy, the Pandemic Policy Team has come to the conclusion that we are now in Phase 5, which means our services will be primarily livestreamed until the hospital situation improves.

Join us online for our livestream service on Sundays at concorduu.org/live.  Our Second Hour programs after the worship service will be by Zoom.

Up to 20 people (which includes all volunteers and staff) may attend in person by pre-registration.   A sign-up link will be sent out weekly on Thursdays to all Members, Friends, and Visitors on our email list.  If you are a newcomer, please scroll to the bottom of this page to be added to our mailing list to get the next link.  To attend in person, full vaccination is required, which includes boosters if eligible.  N95 or KN95 masks are required.  If you arrive with a different type of mask, we will provide a KN95.

Small groups are still permitted to meet at the church, but all participants must be vaccinated (including boosters if eligible.) We encourage Zoom meetings whenever possible. The church office is open by appointment only.

We are not open for new rentals.

Which rooms can you use?

Church groups are welcome to meet in Fellowship Hall, which has a lovely hybrid meeting space so that some can join via Zoom if they wish. Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, and Chapel are open, with mechanical ventilation plus an air purifier. The Parlor, Library, and most other rooms are still CLOSED to groups due to inadequate ventilation. The staff and PPT beg your cooperation as none of us enjoy being the “enforcer.”  We hope people will follow the rules in the spirit of community.

Please get vaccinated!

The PPT wants to put in a strong word for all eligible persons to be vaccinated and boosted.  Right now we require vaccination and boosters (as eligible) to attend worship or meetings at the church.  Children must have had both doses of Pfizer. The available science is very clear about the safety and protective benefit of all currently available COVID vaccines.  To protect oneself, one’s family and other church members, we strongly encourage vaccination and boosters for all who are eligible.

If anyone is having difficulty accessing a vaccine or booster, please let us know and we will help.  If anyone would like to (privately) express concerns or discuss vaccination issues, please feel free to contact the PPT through the church office staff.

Don’t hesitate to talk to any member of the Pandemic Policy Team if you have questions or concerns:  Jeff Fetter, Belinda Nerl, Jim Schlosser, BJ Entwisle, Heidi Page, Lea Smith, Rev. Lyn Marshall, Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger.


You have COVID or you’ve been exposed…

when can you return to church?

These policies apply to all church events and events on church property:
Policy for people with COVID
  1. If you test positive for COVID, please do not attend church events for a minimum of 5 days. You may take an antigen test on Day 6, and may return if that test is negative, you are 24 hours fever-free, and symptoms are improving. If test is positive, you should complete 10 day isolation per CDC. 
  2. If you test positive or have COVID symptoms, and have been to a church event or on church property in the prior two days, notify the church office.

Policy for people who have close contact with someone who has COVID:

  1. Person with up-to-date vaccinations without symptoms does not need to quarantine and is not prohibited from church events. Testing recommended 5 days after exposure. KN95 or N95 mask required.
  2. Unvaccinated person is advised to quarantine and shall not attend in-person church events for 10 days.