Masks required during worship.  Optional at other times.

Click here for details of COVID Policy 2.7 or ask the office for a copy.  As of June 7, we are in Phase 2 (the blue column.)

Effective on June 7:

  • Up to 120 people may worship in the Sanctuary. We have not been exceeding that lately, but if we do, we will have overflow seating in Fellowship Hall or Parlor to watch the livestream.
  • Masks are required during worship or any event exceeding 60 people. N95 or KN95 masks encouraged. 
  • We can have up to 60 people in Fellowship Hall for any event.
  • All rooms have HEPA filters. Some rooms (Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, Chapel, Armenia White, Abenaki) have mechanical ventilation in addition to the HEPA filters. If you have at-risk people in your group or prefer not to wear masks, please choose a room with mechanical ventilation.

As always, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Pandemic Policy Team with questions or concerns:  Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger, Lea Smith, Rev. Lyn Marshall, Heidi Page, Jim Schlosser, Belinda Nerl, BJ Entwisle, Jeff Fetter



  • Masks are optional during rehearsal (up to 30 people in the room), physically distanced.
  • Choir may perform in Sunday services without masks if they choose, then replace masks.


Children, youth groups, and nursery

  • Welcome inside and outside!  Childcare is provided during summer worship services.
  • Adults/teachers will be masked and vaccinated.
  • Masks for children are encouraged but optional during children’s programs.  The decision is up to the parent and child; our caregivers will not give directions either way.


Our communication strategy for positive cases

With recent positive cases at church, the Pandemic Policy Team has developed a communication strategy for how to notify people that might have been exposed. If you test positive and have been at church events in the previous 2 days, please let the office know. We’ll decide on our notification process on a case-by-case basis using these guidelines:

  • If we know only a defined group was potentially exposed we could notify just that group.
  • We may have to send a church-wide eblast if the person with COVID was in the sanctuary during worship or was in multiple places. 
  • We will ask the COVID positive person if it’s ok to disclose their name.

When we notify folks, we can share your name or not, as you prefer. We see value in letting people know who had COVID at church to help them assess whether they were exposed.  In beloved community, we are here to care for one another, and sharing this info allows us to do that.  We also respect that some people won’t be comfortable sharing their name.  While you are healthy, you might want to think about whether you would want your name shared, since it might be hard to think clearly at that time.

You have COVID or someone in your household has it…

when can you return to church?

These policies apply to all church events and events on church property:
Policy for people with COVID
  1. If you test positive for COVID, please do not attend church events for a minimum of 5 days. You may take an antigen test on Day 6, and may return if that test is negative, you are 24 hours fever-free, and symptoms are improving. Please wear a a KN95 or N95 mask until Day 10. If test is positive, you should complete 10 day isolation per CDC. 
  2. If you test positive or have COVID symptoms, and have been to a church event or on church property in the prior two days, notify the church office.

Policy for people who have household with someone who has COVID:

  1. Person with up-to-date vaccinations without symptoms does not need to quarantine and is not prohibited from church events. Testing recommended 5 days after last exposure. Please wear a KN95 or N95 mask until Day 10 after last exposure.
  2. An exposed unvaccinated person is advised to quarantine and shall not attend in-person church events for 10 days following the last exposure.

Click here for State of NH guidance on quarantine and isolation. 

If you think you may have caught COVID from a church exposure, please let us know.  It will help us decide on any additional precautions we may need to take.


Please get vaccinated!

The PPT wants to put in a strong word for all eligible persons to be vaccinated and boosted.  The available science is very clear about the safety and protective benefit of all currently available COVID vaccines.  To protect oneself, one’s family and other church members, we strongly encourage vaccination and boosters for all who are eligible.

If anyone is having difficulty accessing a vaccine or booster, please let us know and we will help.  If anyone would like to (privately) express concerns or discuss vaccination issues, please feel free to contact the PPT through the church office staff.

Our staff are required to have a primary series (2 doses) plus at least one booster if eligible for it.  If the COVID situation in our area gets worse, moving us into a more restrictive Phase 4, the same will be required for anyone attending church programs in person.  Click here for CDC guidance.