Author: Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger

Our Sacred Space

We had been walking for about two hours, leaving the town of Dilijan behind, heading into the surrounding woods, when we saw the ancient stones marking the entrance.  We were standing before the Matosavank monastery, built in 1247.  “Let’s go inside,” I nudged Daniel, my … read more.

“You blew our socks off”

Minister’s Musings – December 2020

Last month I asked whether our community plate could raise $40,000 on November 8th and your answer – in the form of donations and pledges – was a resounding “yes, we can.”   Over 80 individuals and families contributed about $44,600.  … read more.

Returning, with gratitude

Thank you.  Seriously.  For allowing me to have generous time off this summer, to breathe, to replenish, to regain perspective, to listen to wise and entertaining voices on podcasts, audio recordings, and on film.  And to read and reflect, connect with family and friends, and … read more.

Church in a Time of Pandemic

Our mission has never felt as relevant as today: Connecting in love and service, growing spiritually, transforming ourselves and the world.
In record time, we’ve had to transform ourselves from a brick & mortar, relish-in-person-proximity, love-to-share-food-and-hold-hands kind of congregation into an online, phone-line, keep your … read more.

Telling Our Stories

It’s 10:21 pm. The parents have said their good-byes. Five more hours and we are headed to the airport. The youth are excited, roaming the church – and nowhere near ready for sleep. Time to finish these musings, musings about the importance of stories … read more.

Ours is a Covenental Faith

What do we mean when we say that Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal faith?  It points to our history as a faith focused on the quality of how we relate with one another.  In 1648 The Cambridge Platform gave expression to the way congregational churches … read more.