A message of renewal

September has always felt more like the New Year to me than January, so I’m grateful that our first monthly theme for this church year is Renewal. It was also supposed to be our theme last April, but we were three weeks into all-online church … read more.

Returning, with gratitude

Thank you.  Seriously.  For allowing me to have generous time off this summer, to breathe, to replenish, to regain perspective, to listen to wise and entertaining voices on podcasts, audio recordings, and on film.  And to read and reflect, connect with family and friends, and … read more.

Art display calls attention to detained immigrants

Sixty small cardboard people populated the sidewalk in front of the State House in Concord Tuesday afternoon representing the immigrants being detained by federal authorities at Strafford County Jail.

Titled “Don’t Look Away,” the art display was put on by immigrants’ rights group Never Again Action N.H. … read more.