01/13/2019 11:30 am

2nd Hour: Ageing Journey Continues - Minister's Study

Minister's Study

Aging Journey Wisdom Circle:   Ancestors of Faith
Our ancestors are the people gone before us – blood relations or family of mind and spirit- who guide, instruct and inspire us. They are also the people who limit us with memories of their fears and their expectations.  We are surrounded by a “great cloud of witnesses” who call on us and give us strength – or sit in judgment, speaking through the voices inside our head.  Mentors, friends, heroes, teachers, ancestors of faith – all have a part in shaping who we are, and we carry all of them forward with us. 

Come this Sunday and share a story about your faith ancestors. What values and/or beliefs are you grateful for? How did your faith heritage lead you to being/becoming a Unitarian Universalist today?