Afghanistan’s current tragedy is hitting us hard. There is a family of 22 trapped in hiding in Afghanistan, who are at very high risk. They were left behind because they couldn’t get to the airport, turned away three times by the Taliban.

They include parents and grandparents, siblings, cousins and their children ages 1 month to 22 years — twenty-two people in all. The adults were government officials and interpreters for our military. Their homes in Kabul have been confiscated. They are on the run and without money while hoping for transport out of the county from an aid organization that has them on its priority list.

The costs of air transport appear to be covered if they can make it onto a plane. What they need right now is money for day-to-day survival for 22 people while they are in hiding: food, hotel shelter, infant diapers, hygiene products, etc. — an estimated $400 on average daily. $12,000 would get them through a month as they await a flight, and provide them a bit of pocket cash if they get out earlier.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Concord has set up an “Afghan Relief Fund” to receive donations. Partnering with another group, we hope to raise the $12,000 that will enable them to survive for a month. A few large and many smaller donations will be needed to reach the goal.

If you also have items to help furbish a family when they arrive, please click here for list of items needed.

Donate online below or make your check out to UU Church of Concord and enter Afghan Relief Fund on memo line. Mail checks to UU Church of Concord, Afghan Relief Fund, 274 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03301.  Donations to UU Church of Concord are tax-deductible.