As part of our spiritual/financial outreach, we’ve agreed that our Sunday offerings will go to support projects and organization that align with UU principles and our church’s mission.

Since the fall of 2003, the UU Church of Concord’s weekly Sunday plate offerings are given to non-profits, community projects, the minister’s discretionary fund and our church’s outreach projects. The only exception is a once-a-year plate for our church’s general fund.

Plate suggestions come from the church staff, our congregation and members of the Community Plate Committee.

Give Now!

We welcome online gifts to the upcoming Sunday’s Community Plate recipient starting on Wednesday, and ending on Sunday night at midnight. To ensure that your donation is used as you intend:

  • We can only accept donations for this week’s recipient, not prior or future recipients.
  • Please do not make your Community Plate donation on Mondays or Tuesdays (donations on those days will default to our Pastoral Support Fund.)
  • A small percentage of your donation will cover the cost charged by our credit card/ACH processor.


To make your donation now, use the secure donation form below, OR

To use a previously stored bank account or card

  • Log in to your Breeze Account* or open the app on your phone.
  • Go to “Give Now”
  • Be sure to choose Community Plate from the drop-down choice of funds.

*Don’t have a Breeze account? Email to request one.