Covenant Groups are circles of 10-12 people who gather monthly to explore their values, their experiences, and their questions as they relate to a monthly topic. Many of our groups explore the monthly worship theme in their meetings. Participants are encouraged to make this a high-priority commitment of at least one year, so that the continuity of the group allows its members to develop trust, mutual respect, and deep connection. Each group develops its own covenant, or set of promises, that they make to one another. Many groups designate one person as the regular facilitator and some share that responsibility among their members. Groups are encouraged to work together on at least one service project each year.

There is an open enrollment period during January/February for those seeking to join a group or move from their current group, and there is a First Sunday drop-in group each month from October through June at 12:15 pm for those who want to try on the experience before making a larger commitment.

If you would like to know more or ask to join a covenant group, please contact Rev. Lyn Marshall.