A hymn we love to sing starts out: “When I am frightened, will you reassure me?  When I’m uncertain, will you hold my hand?  Will you be strong for me?  Sing to me quietly?  Will you share some of your stories with me?”

Our helping and healing ministry is all about finding ways to say “yes” to these yearnings and to the other yearnings expressed throughout the song.  “When I am troubled, will you listen to me?  When I am lonely, will you be my friend?  Will you be there for me, comfort me tenderly?  Will you share some of your feelings with me?”  (#1012 in Singing the Journey)

  • Do you find yourself wrestling with spiritual or other life questions?  Come see one of our ministers.
  • Would you like someone to be with you and listen with a loving heart?  Our pastoral care associates would love to hear from you or contact Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger.
  • Could you use help with a meal, transportation or some other special task?  Our Caring Network will be glad to assist you.
  • Are you dealing with conflict that might benefit from a structured, facilitated process?  Check out our Restorative Circles.
  • How about the joy and comfort of having a group of congregants come visit and sing for you?  Our Visiting Voices would love to share their musical passion.
  • We also have support groups and are always open to adding new groups as interest and needs emerge.

While there are staff and volunteers designated to coordinate and provide our helping and healing ministries, this ministry relies greatly on ALL congregants.  It depends on all to notice and listen, to let their hearts break open, to practice kindness in spirit and body, and to take seriously the promise we repeat each Sunday “…to help one another.”  Our goal is to be there for everyone courageous enough to seek love, healing, and support,