As the pandemic drags on, you are not alone. Our Caring Circle Leads and Couriers remain active, and our staff are ready to help. In November, with COVID spiking, several couriers re-affirmed their availability to shop or run errands for those in need. We also have assistance funds for those facing financial hardship, provided by the generosity of your fellow congregants.

Many of our congregants are in a Caring Circle, which has a Caring Circle Lead. If you are in need of groceries, financial assistance, or other help, please contact your lead directly.  Some of our Leads have had to step down due to the inevitable COVID fatigue.  If your Lead is no longer active, you don’t know who your lead is, or are more comfortable making your request confidentially to church staff, please contact Lea Smith at or 603-224-0291 ext 4#.

The Caring Circle Leads will record any needs of supplies (or other concerns) and communicate them to the Caring Circles Coordinator (Lea Smith, our Director of Membership & Administration).

The Caring Circles Coordinator will rely on Supply Couriers to make sure that needed supplies are acquired and dropped off at people’s homes. The Supply Couriers will follow the latest public health guidelines on how to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus.

The program works like this:

Caring Circles Leads:

1. Have 9 to 10 households in their Circle. They may call or email occasionally to check in with their Circle members.
2. Communicate needs to Caring Circles Coordinator by email or phone.

Supply Couriers:

3. Drive solo within the Concord area in their own vehicle.
4. Buy supplies and deliver them to homes (expenses will be reimbursed by the recipient, or occasionally by the church).
5. Might pick up prescriptions or run other essential errands.
6. Follow CDC and other public health guidelines on how to handle groceries and other supplies safely.
7. Are not older than 64 years or have medical conditions that put them at increased COVID risk.

Thank you in advance for playing your part as we make sure all of us stay as safe as possible – whether that means checking in with others, delivering supplies, or (and perhaps most difficult for some) accepting the care and support of others in our community.

The ways our Caring Circles are helping us connect in love and service:

    As of Dec. 1, 2020…
  • We have provided practical assistance with shopping or other errands to 22 congregants.

  • We have answered 13 requests for financial help.

  • We have run at least 48 individual errands. In addition, some of our couriers are helping someone out on a recurring basis, like weekly shopping.

  • We have 5 active Couriers, plus additional Couriers that may be able to step in if the need grows.

  • We have 27 Circle Leads for 26 Circles.

  • 300 Members and Friends are in a Caring Circle.  70 are not in a Circle due to Leads having to resign, and these folks should contact the church office directly if they are in need of support.

How to Join the Circle

If you would like to be a Caring Circles Lead or a Supply Courier, email Lea Smith (