Our Lifespan Faith Development program harnesses the love within our community and the inherited wisdom of our Six Sources to provide developmentally appropriate experiences for children, youth, and adults that will help them to:

  • Know they are lovable beings of infinite worth, imbued with powers of the soul, and obligated to use their gifts in the service of life
  • Affirm that they are part of a Unitarian Universalist religious heritage and community of faith
  • Accept that they are responsible for the stewardship and creative transformation of their religious heritage and community of faith in the service of justice, and compassion
  • Realize that they are moral agents, capable of making a difference in the lives of other people, challenging the structures of oppression, and promoting the well-being of the planet
  • Recognize the need for community, the importance of families, and relationships among the generations
  • Develop the skills and courage to manage conflict constructively, articulate one’s values and beliefs, and advocate for self and others effectively
  • Appreciate the value of spiritual practice to deepen faith, and integrate values into everyday life

We offer loving nursery care for our youngest during Sunday morning worship and faith development classes. We also offer Children’s Sunday School, our Coming of Age and Youth Group programs, and a variety of programs and classes for adults, including covenant groups, support groups, and contemplative practices. We encourage people of all ages to get involved in service to the congregation and the larger community and to reflect together on those experiences.

If you have questions about any of our Lifespan Faith Development programs, please contact our Minister of Lifespan Faith Development, Rev. Lyn Marshall.


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