Children in Worship

One important way for children to learn about being part of a church community is to participate in worship services. We welcome children of all ages to be present in worship. Infants and preschoolers have the option of going to the Rainbow Room nursery during worship if parents prefer. Even when children don’t seem to be paying attention, they are absorbing more than we realize, learning what it looks like and feels like to come together as a community to sing, to support each other, to name what is important to us, and to live our values in how we treat one another. Families often choose to sit in the balcony together, and we offer a variety of fidget toys and coloring supplies. If children need to take a break, the service is also livestreamed in the Parlor, where additional toys are available and it’s easier to move around while their accompanying adult can still watch the service.

Second Hour Learning, Service, & Practice – for Kids!

Second and Third Sundays, September-May, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

We offer a children’s Wonder Workshop for kids ages 4 through 13, concurrent with the adult Second Hour offerings. In a one-room schoolhouse model, this year we are exploring our interconnectedness with the natural world. Through stories, videos, and hands-on projects, kids are encouraged to notice and learn about the natural world outside our windows, to see how different parts of an ecosystem make up a whole, and to become caring stewards of, and advocates for, a healthy, sustainable environment.