Awareness of Breathing: A good first meditation practice, settling into feeling the sensations of the natural breath.

At Home in this Moment: Cultivating awareness of body and breath, with an attitude of relaxation and acceptance.

Breath to Open Awareness: Led by Rae Houseman, this practice begins with breath, then adds other objects of awareness (sensations, sounds, thoughts and feelings), finally opening up to ‘choiceness awareness,’ mindfulness of whatever is arising in each moment.

Body Scan: Moving the attention through the body, one area at a time.

Metta Phrases: Lovingkindness practice, using phrases offered to different categories of people/beings.

Metta Radiation and Breath: Another way of practicing Lovingkindness, using phrases initially but moving to radiating the feeling of friendliness in all directions, and culminating in coordinating radiating metta with sensations of breath.

Sound Meditation by Linda Mai: A sound environment for meditation, with crystal chimes and singing bowls.