Our regular Live Stream begins each Sunday around 9:45 am (US East Coast Time) with a slideshow. The service itself will begin about 10:00 am and end by about 11:20 am.  Other special events may be live streamed, as well. Please check our calendar or the homepage for updates.

If you have a joy or sorrow to share during the service, please email it to joysandsorrows@concorduu.org by 10:10 am.  

Tiny Zoom Screen CaptureIf you miss greeting friends and visitors before Sunday Morning worship, gather on Zoom BEFORE worship to say hello and see your fellow worshippers’ beautiful faces. Ingathering will begin at 9:45 am. Once the service starts we will close the Zoom room for the duration of the service; please join us for worship by clicking on the livestream window below. We look forward to seeing you!   Click here to say good morning.

After the worship service every Sunday, there are opportunities for informal socializing and for more formal programming (Second Hour). You can come for the social time until 11:30, or the program starting at 11:30, or both. Join us after the service until 11:30 for informal social time.

If you have trouble loading the live stream, try a different browser. We have found that Google Chrome works well. If you see a black box but no video, try hovering over the box to show the controls at the bottom, then click the “play” arrow. You may also need to unmute the sound.