How Not to Give Up

Rev. Mwibutsa (formerly Fulgence) founded the Unitarian Church of Bujumbura in 2001.  He was involved in building peace and serving the community at large through social-justice projects.  Despite being kidnapped and escaping death many times, he was released thanks to strong pressure from the UU global family.  He continued to serve half of the Unitarian Church who had become refugees and the Unitarians who courageously stayed in Burundi.  Beyond the trauma and with no resentment thanks to the values of Ubuntu Philosophy and UUism which, for Mwibutsa, are worth dying for, he believes that “giving up” is out of the question.  He will share his experience, what he has learned, and why he is convinced his ministry is only getting started!

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  1. Hi, looking for the link to donate to the program Mwibutsa is promoting to support families that was talked about at the dinner but can’t find the link. Can you send us the link please?

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