Speaker: Jeff Fetter

Jeff is an active member of the Concord UU. He and his family have been attending since 2006.

After Virtue

Has liberalism failed? How can we find common ground in questions of right and wrong in an increasingly diverse society? We will reflect on ethical growth, both cultural and individual.

Our Need for Sacred Texts

Harnessing the power of enchanted words in a secular age.

This Sunday’s Community Plate is going to The Backpack Program at Penacook Elementary School, which provides identified children enough food for the weekend. While they can count on regular meals at school through the school district’s … read more.

Discomfort with Islam

As religious liberals, UUs want to be explicitly welcoming to other faith traditions, and especially Islam, during this time of cultural Islamophobia.  Yet UUs are also a part of the general culture and need to honestly name and address their own discomfort where it exists.  … read more.