Rev. Lyn Marshall

Rev. Marshall is our minister of Lifespan Faith Development. Read more.

Still Life

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Reverend Lyn Marshall will reflect on the ever-shifting balance between being and doing. As our nation slows down in an unprecedented way, what does it mean for our minds, our bodies, and our spirits?

Passover, Easter, and a Global Pandemic

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As Jews prepare to celebrate Passover and Christians prepare to celebrate Easter, they face a common dilemma: how? How do we hold onto hope as we wait for death? How do we celebrate religious traditions that call us to be together with our families for traditional observances that run […]

‘Tis a Gift to be Humble

Marianne Williamson wrote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Rev. Lyn Marshall will continue to explore the balance between humility and overweening pride in this service for all ages. How do we claim our power and use our gifts without overpowering others […]

How to Commit

We love the idea of commitment – but how do we stay committed when life is pulling us in multiple directions? We will look at some of the tools and techniques that can help us follow through on our commitments even when it’s challenging.

Running Away from Home

Our nation is struggling over when, how, and whether to welcome immigrants. Migrants around the world are fleeing homes that can no longer safely sustain them. Who should be welcome in the United States? What responsibility do we have to help our international neighbors before they ask to cross our borders? What does our faith […]

Blessing of Animals

Rev. Lyn Marshall and friends will explore our relationship with animals, and offer a blessing for your pets. Well-behaved animals who will not be traumatized by coming to church are welcome to accompany you to receive their blessing in person, and all are invited to send in photos of the animals that bless your life. […]

Small Wonders

Creation can fill us with wonder at many different scales, from the breathtaking spectacle of the vast night sky to the awe we feel at seeing things too small to be seen using technology. In this service for all ages, we will focus our attention on wonders small, smaller, and smallest.  The service will also […]

Flowers of Earth, Buds of Heaven

When spring returns, when sap flows and bulbs poke their growing leaves above the dreary brown earth, it is easy to sing praises to the Source of All. The Christian story of Easter tells of a community facing a devastating loss of their teacher and leader – and how they discovered that the tomb had […]

Our Christian Wounds

Today’s Unitarian Universalist congregations, our own included, include both people who identify as Christian and people who have fled from Christian institutions that harmed them emotionally, spiritually, and physically. How do we worship together, celebrating our own and our shared spiritual journeys, when the very words or music that connect one person to the holy […]

Creative Non-Violence

We will explore some of the creative, effective ways people past and present have countered violence with nonviolent protest. In large social justice movements and in our day-to-day lives, there are actions we can take to help de-escalate conflict and reduce violence.