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What is Maundy Thursday?

When I was growing up, Maundy Thursday was one of many unfamiliar observances on my mother’s Phillips Brooks calendar.

I’m not sure exactly when I learned roughly what it was – a service remembering the final meal Jesus ate with his disciples before he died. I … read more.

Opening to Joy

Our theme for exploration this month is “Opening to Joy.” December is the month where we are most likely to feel pressure to be cheerful, to smile for the camera, go to parties, decorate, give gifts… but we can go through those motions without experiencing … read more.

Winter Holiday Impermanence

Whether December delights you or depresses you, I can assure you of this: it will not last. Many of us will decorate our homes for Solstice, Hanukkah, and/or Christmas (if we haven’t already), remembering holidays past as we bring out candles, ornaments, maybe those cookie-cutters … read more.

Letting Go

As someone who recently moved and experienced my mother’s death, our December worship theme of “Letting Go” resonates strongly with both my outer and inner self. Reckoning with letting go is a lifelong spiritual task for all of us, because change is inevitable and … read more.

A Grateful Humbug

While our minister, Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger, is on sabbatical, we will fill our Musings space with insights from our members.

By Barbara Keshen

If I had thought about it at the time, I probably would not have agreed to write Musings in the middle of … read more.