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Hobos in the Church

When she died in November of 2010, Harriette Anderson had been a member of our church for 82 years! She officially joined in 1928 at age 17 and was a fountain of stories and church history. She loved to recall how the whole city of … read more.

The Future is Electric

I love The Energy Gang.  Though motivated by the perils of climate change, it is the podcast that most consistently leaves me hopeful and upbeat about the future.  This digest on energy, cleantech and the environment tackles topics as diverse as climate-focused venture capital, the … read more.

Donations feed kids over the weekend

Fran Philippe, The Backpack Program coordinator and one of our members, in the program pantry at Friends of Forgotten Children.


The Backpack Program at Friends of Forgotten Children recently received a $5,000 grant from the Globe Community Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation to … read more.