Tag: Stewardship

Telling Our Stories

It’s 10:21 pm. The parents have said their good-byes. Five more hours and we are headed to the airport. The youth are excited, roaming the church – and nowhere near ready for sleep. Time to finish these musings, musings about the importance of stories … read more.

The Budget of our Dreams

I am thrilled to announce that our budget for next year will be: $10,000,028,350,010. At least, that’s what it would be if money were no object and you could give as much as feels right – according to the Dream Pledges you submitted a few … read more.

Sabbatical was a time of growth for us

I am so proud of our congregation as we reach the end of Michael’s six-month sabbatical! We have experienced consistently excellent, soul-stirring, thought-provoking worship planned by the Sabbatical Worship Team. We have begun a new way of doing religious education that provides opportunities for … read more.