Strengthening Our Foundation

Picture this: In a ritual to appreciate Lea, our church administrator, we each bring forward a marble for every time Lea has been there for us to support one of our activities or projects. Imagine the marbles filling her outstretched hands as she tries to hold them all. Any one marble is easy to […]

The Budget of our Dreams

I am thrilled to announce that our budget for next year will be: $10,000,028,350,010. At least, that’s what it would be if money were no object and you could give as much as feels right – according to the Dream Pledges you submitted a few Sundays ago. Thank you. Very inspiring!

Inspiring, because it shows that […]

Sabbatical was a time of growth for us

I am so proud of our congregation as we reach the end of Michael’s six-month sabbatical! We have experienced consistently excellent, soul-stirring, thought-provoking worship planned by the Sabbatical Worship Team. We have begun a new way of doing religious education that provides opportunities for people of all ages to use the hour before worship […]