Topic: Humility

We Could be Wrong

The prophetic voice is core to who we are as Unitarian Universalists.  We value speaking truth to power. We write letters demanding change. We protest in public.  And many of us relish our roles pointing out what’s wrong with the systems and culture that keep … read more.

It’s All About Me

In “The Power of Kindness” Piero Ferrucchi writes:  “Humility put into practice allows us to touch reality as it is.”  It’s not about false modesty or self-deprecation. Humility is about knowing and owning our strengths without needing to feel superior to anyone else.  Humility is … read more.

What’s Behind Your Mask?


Appearance seems far more important than reality.  The clothes we wear, the cars we drive (or don’t drive), the events we attend, the “friends” we mention – all create a perception of who we are.  Nothing new here. What has changed is the ease, reach, … read more.