Topic: Violence

Creative Non-Violence

We will explore some of the creative, effective ways people past and present have countered violence with nonviolent protest. In large social justice movements and in our day-to-day lives, there are actions we can take to help de-escalate conflict and reduce violence.

The Violence of the American Dream

Visions of the American Dream have inspired generations of recent and established immigrants alike.  The American Dream is a story of hope and fulfillment of a better life. Yet embedded in the American Dream are assumptions that undermine its very aspirations:  try hard enough (on … read more.

Owning Our Violence

Where is that line between strength and aggression, play and abuse, defense and assault?  Where in our lives do we wrestle with our own impulses to become violent – physically, emotionally, mentally?  What to do when we know we’ve crossed the line? How to respond … read more.

The Purpose of Violence

We may resist the notion, yet violence is a fundamental part of who we are as human animals and human communities, the survivors of decisions made by our ancestors over millennia.  We suffer from the consequences of physical violence, emotional violence, and violence in our … read more.