The spiritual dance has no other purpose, no other aim than to elevate humankind beyond self thought, to joy, to bliss, to realization and to peace. The sincere dancer is one of the best workers for universal harmony, and so for universal peace.  
— Murshid Samuel Lewis

We gather to dance on the third Sunday of each month, 7 – 8:30 PM in the Chapel for the Dances of Universal Peace. These practices were originated by Murshid Samuel Lewis towards the end of his life. He dreamed of people dancing in circles, creating peace and harmony together. We make this dream a reality today.

The Dances of Universal Peace is a community practice of meditation with mantra and movement. We sing and dance creating harmony in body, mind and spirit. All the dances, mantras and music, are taught by experienced leaders with the support of musicians. Expect nothing, gain joy!


Reflections on the Dances of Universal Peace: Love Harmony and Beauty

by Sarah-Elizabeth Anderson

When I was in college I stumbled upon the Dances of Universal Peace in Cambridge, MA. Then, I knew in my heart I would return again and again to this community of people drawn to sing and dance in harmony. There were years when I was not dancing regularly in community, yet I sang mantras to my young children and danced them around their rooms. As my children grew, I answered the call to lead the dances. This deepened my practice of being present to the gifts held by the mantra and movements.
The Dances of Universal Peace open the heart to the expanse of peace, joy and love that exists inside when we vibrate our voices together as one. Movement and mantra invite a release of life’s worries. When we look into the eyes of our partner, there is a moment to look into a mirror to see again our own reflection. All too soon this mirror is behind us and another appears, each one just a bit different than the last. Being present with another person opens a door to being present within yourself.

The practice of the Dances of Universal Peace are a way to cultivate the heart, mind and soul. Leaders sing and demonstrate each dance, offering some understanding of each mantra. Our community welcomes those new to the dances! Bring your self into the moment. Be present to the possibility of co-creating harmony and beauty. Join us with your presence, your voice and your body/mind.

Come! Come again! You will be glad you did.