Owning Our Violence

Where is that line between strength and aggression, play and abuse, defense and assault?  Where in our lives do we wrestle with our own impulses to become violent – physically, emotionally, mentally?  What to do when we know we’ve crossed the line? How to respond when others feel we have crossed the line? How do […]

The Purpose of Violence

We may resist the notion, yet violence is a fundamental part of who we are as human animals and human communities, the survivors of decisions made by our ancestors over millennia.  We suffer from the consequences of physical violence, emotional violence, and violence in our thoughts. Nonetheless, as Robert Sapolsky writes in “Behave,” we don’t […]

Grace Notes

While hymns might not be strictly necessary for our survival, a beloved hymn can offer grace in times of sorrow, courage in times of fear, and joy in times of celebration. As we say goodbye to the tumultuous year of 2018, we will sing some of the hymns that bring us hope, courage, and joy.