“You blew our socks off”

Minister’s Musings – December 2020

Last month I asked whether our community plate could raise $40,000 on November 8th and your answer – in the form of donations and pledges – was a resounding “yes, we can.”   Over 80 individuals and families contributed about $44,600.  Adding the $20,000 external match earmarked exclusively for our special plate made for a total of $64,604!  Remarkable.  And our collective generosity has not gone unnoticed.  Here is a letter I received from Ellen Groh, Executive Director of the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) addressed to “the incredible members and friends of the UU Church of Concord.”

“You blew our socks off!   

I am speaking on behalf of all the Staff and Board members of CCEH when I say that the leadership and generosity you showed in response to our Challenge Match was astounding and inspiring, and we are deeply, deeply grateful.   

Your congregation exemplifies “faith in action,” and the Concord community is so fortunate to have your presence here. I know that you are actively engaged in many meaningful causes in this community, and I am honored that CCEH has benefitted from both Michael Leuchtenberger’s extraordinary leadership on our Board of Directors, and your entire congregation’s embracing of the issue of homelessness as your own. 

Covid-19 has brought many extra challenges to CCEH’s work to meet the immediate needs of people struggling with homelessness, and the coming winter feels like we are entering a long dark tunnel. Having enough funding in place to meet these extra challenges is such a blessing. (I’m reminded of Forest Gump when he was told that his shrimp business had been sold so he never had to worry about money again, and Forest responds, “That’s good. One less thing.”)  Your tremendous generosity, which inspired our Challenge Match donor to even increase his Challenge, is letting us keep our focus on keeping everyone as safe as possible during this pandemic, without having to worry about how we are going to pay for it. 

Ending homelessness in Concord is a big endeavor, but I truly believe we can do it.  The reason I believe we can do it is because of people like you, who are so committed to creating a just and equitable society, and who put their beliefs into action!   

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

It truly is a blessing to be – here – in these days – with all of you.