Church Groups

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  • Church Groups and Church Events:  This includes any committee, group or event established by congregants for a purpose that will help fulfill one or more of the church’s Ends statements.
    • Church groups and events are expected to use the church building and other church resources only for projects which directly carry out the church’s ends. For purposes of granting space use this will include those that the church is currently focused on:
      • homelessness
      • refugees/immigration
      • environmental sustainability 
      • racial justice
  • Church groups do not pay any fees for using the building.  However, a free will donation will be taken at all public church events. This may consist of passing a basket, or having a donation box in a prominent place.
  • Church groups are expected to do their own set up and clean up. If a church event requires the Facility Manager to do work outside of their job description, the church group will pay the Facility Manager for that work. Please see extra fees below.
  • Church groups are encouraged to plan events for the entire church year during the previous spring, so that these events will be given first priority on the building schedule.
  • FUNDRAISERS: Please see the Building and Grounds Policy for more details about fundraisers.
  • If you are planning an event that will be open to members of the church or the public please fill out the UU Special Events Planning & Marketing Form so we can publicize it.

Extra Services Fees

Custodial, Facility Manager, and AV Technicians fees may be required for any type of event that causes work outside of the staff’s normal duties. Please see Building Use & Event Fees link for rates.

Facility Highlights

  • accessible for people with limited mobility
  • defibrillator
  • onsite parking (limited on weekdays)
  • plenty of tables & chairs
  • wi-fi
  • a variety of large and small spaces for different types of events
  • audio system, projectors, handheld mics
  • live streaming from Sanctuary
  • custodial cleaning of restrooms
  • set-up assistance available for large events
  • AV Technician for hire
  • full kitchen with dishes/silverware and use of dishwasher after instruction
  • nursery for large events (for ages 4 and under only, with appropriate supervision; it is not a child play space.)

Contact Us

Please contact or 603-224-0291 x1# if you have any questions. To reserve a room for your church event, fill our our Church Group Room Request Form or give us a call.


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