Music Ministry and Crystal Singing Bowls


Our November targeted Appeal goal is $2000.

Give online below, or send a check to UU Church of Concord with Targeted Appeal on the memo line, or drop it in the box in the Parlor.


A quick and fun way to fund some of our church operations is with our targeted giving appeals, which happen three times per year. It’s an opportunity for us to highlight a specific project or ministry, and an opportunity for you to make a one-time gift to support it. Our November goal is to raise $2,000 to support our Music Ministry, including the purchase of a set of crystal singing bowls.

What is our Music Ministry? It’s the extraordinary choir you hear singing nearly every week. It’s visiting sick members in the hospital or at their home to sing songs of comfort. It’s singing Christmas carols with homeless families. It is the Choir Director (or right now, Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger) who not only cultivates the choir’s beautiful songs, but also helps cultivate their friendships and support for one another. It’s the sheet music we buy, and the sound system that shares music through our livestream.

A wonderful addition to our Music Ministry would be a set of Crystal Singing Bowls. These bowls produce sustained musical notes and are often used for meditation and relaxation. They’ll enhance our contemplative practice retreats as well as worship services.