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Throughout our lives, we are changing, learning, growing – we may feel we are pretty much the same person we were
yesterday, and we may expect that we will wake up tomorrow as pretty much the same person we are now, yet in truth we … read more.

A Message of Renewal

September has always felt more like the New Year to me than January, so I’m grateful that our first monthly theme for this church year is Renewal. It was also supposed to be our theme last April, but we were three weeks into all-online church … read more.

Diversity with Integrity

In January, adults will be exploring the theme of “Diversity” while our Soul Matters circles for children will focus on what it means to be a people of integrity. I am always interested in how the adult theme and the children’s theme interact with each … read more.

Winter Holiday Impermanence

Whether December delights you or depresses you, I can assure you of this: it will not last. Many of us will decorate our homes for Solstice, Hanukkah, and/or Christmas (if we haven’t already), remembering holidays past as we bring out candles, ornaments, maybe those cookie-cutters … read more.

Belonging and Committment

October’s themes of Belonging and Commitment are a serendipitous pairing. Our Children’s Sunday School theme is Belonging while our worship theme is Commitment, and that raises some deep questions for me and maybe for you. What does it look like to be a congregation committed … read more.

Summertime Faith

Our Second Hour and Sunday School classes have entered “Vacation Mode,” but faith development is so much bigger than what happens on Sunday mornings, and I want to encourage all of us – me included! – not to give our spiritual lives short shrift during … read more.