Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger

Rev. Leuchtenberger is our senior minister. Read more.

At Home with Our Neighbors

A home is so much more than a physical space.  What makes a physical space a home depends in large part on the relationships that can flourish in that space.  A home does not stand in isolation. A home is embedded in a web of other homes, interconnected, open, yet with boundaries that provide […]

Treating Earth Like Home

When our homes are in disarray our well being suffers.  For too long we have treated the earth as primarily a resource for satisfying our material cravings.  As a result, the earth is in disarray, struggling, reflecting our own addiction to the sensation of having new and more stuff.  What if we treated the […]

Welcome Home, Here, Now – A Water Communion Service

As we re-gather in our beautiful sanctuary for our annual water communion service may we all experience a sense of coming home, finding a home, being at home – within ourselves, in the spirit of our community, and through the shared yearning for a peaceful home for all.  As the poet Wendell Berry writes: […]

From This We Live

During our annual Flower Communion service, we are reminded once more of the life-sustaining role that sharing and a generous heart play as we journey with each other through the roller-coaster that is life.  Please bring a flower if you can though we’ll have plenty of extras. Our 12th grade youth will bridge and we […]

Putting On Your Wonderwear

Life without a sense of wonder is like music without sound or rhythm.  Opening ourselves to the awe of what is known and unknown is central to us as spiritual beings, to the experience of the divine, to glimpsing that which transcends the confines of who we think ourselves to be as mortals bounded by […]

Listen to Your Mother (Earth)

What if we thought of the Earth as a storyteller?  What would she tell us?  How can we prepare to listen?  What lessons might we learn – as we strive to create healthy relationships with each other and with the earth?  Which Earth-told stories have been important to you?  Let Michael know.  Today we also […]

Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer

Throughout human history, we have variously celebrated, feared and embraced the multiple, and often paradoxical, traits that characterize the one earth we all share as our home.  The earth gives life and it takes life.  The earth nourishes and withholds.  The earth is beautiful and violent, peaceful and uncaring, fragile and resilient.  And whether we […]

A UU – Christian Dialogue

It can be so easy to get stuck stereotyping those who hold different beliefs or values.  When doing so we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn from one another, to meet each other in empathy and compassion, and to find commonalities that would allow us to work toward shared goals.  Today’s service will be a […]

Claiming Jesus

Some of us identify as Christian, some don’t.  Regardless, Jesus has something to offer to all of us.  The stories he told and the stories that are told about him are powerful because they speak to longings and hopes, to struggles and paradoxes we all recognize no matter our context.  Come and listen to Christian […]