Feeling Useful, Feeling Used

The impulse to be helpful when someone is facing or experiencing homelessness is strong in many of us.  Nine year old Hewie, who inspired this sermon, talks about a “deep feeling in his gut” that makes him want to be useful when he passes a person on the street asking for support.  How do we respond – personally and as a community – with our time and resources?  Where and why do we draw a line?  How do we open our hearts to stories we can’t easily verify and sometimes change with time?  We want to feel useful, not used.  Michael will tell a personal story of befriending Curtis and William in Chicago, spanning four years of “answering the door” to a range of powerful experiences and shifting emotions.  After the service, learn about kids & families experiencing homelessness in the Concord area during a training with Family Promise Director Steve Croke.

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