Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger

Rev. Leuchtenberger is our senior minister. Read more.

Wisdom Stories

We are our stories – as individuals and as a community.  We create a sense of purpose through the narratives we share and our shared understanding of purpose helps highlight the stories that matter most in our lives. Congregant and Life Coach Nick Devlin will guide us in this exploration of our own wisdom stories.

Let’s Talk About That (or Not) – To Be Revealed

Talking about taboos, breaking taboos, ignoring taboos seems like fun for some and is abhorrent to others.  Context clearly matters. How do we create safe(-enough) spaces to talk about taboos? How do we create safe(-enough) spaces to talk about what taboos to talk about – or not talk about?  What process has worked for you? […]

Touchy Subjects

Human touch and being at ease with our bodies are fundamental to what most of us desire to feel connected and whole.  Yet the horrific abuses associated with unwanted touch have torn the healing, welcoming, playful, love-expressing qualities and powers of touch from our cultural toolkit of connection.  And the unrealistic, commercialized, stereotyped images of […]


In “The Soul of Sex” Thomas Moore refers to ‘lovemaking as the ritual that invites the goddess of sex to be present.’  Yet he acknowledges that ‘in our society sex is wounded by a deep-seated masochism, which finds distorted satisfaction in the suppression of desire.’  Organized religion hasn’t always been helpful as we embrace sex […]

Let’s Not Talk About That

Cultural no-nos help to avoid chaos and harm.  Taboos create group identity and cohesion. Social prohibitions reinforce power relationships.  And the things we are not talking about often relate to our most intimate and sacred experiences.  The power and potential of psychedelics to have “mystical-type experiences having substantial and sustained personal meaning and spiritual significance” […]

The Path of Empathy

There is a level of diversity that we experience as threatening – consciously or unconsciously.  The tipping point varies between individuals and cultures. Acknowledging that tipping point can be difficult for religious liberals.  Empathy for the reality of our own limitations is an important first step while cultivating empathy for others […]

White Fragility

Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism” is the subtitle of Robin DiAngelo’s groundbreaking book titled “White Fragility.”  As Michael Eric Dyson writes in the foreword: “DiAngelo brilliantly names a whiteness that doesn’t want to be named, disrobes a whiteness that dresses in camouflage as humanity, unmasks a whiteness costumed as […]

The Walls We Build

As progressives, UUs tend to celebrate the idea of diversity and the importance of being welcoming to all – whether in our churches or society at large.  Religious liberals are turned off by the rhetoric of “building walls” yet ignore the reality that we all need “walls” that keep us safe, […]

Embracing Fluidity

Humans, as all life forms, depend on diversity for their evolution, their resilience, their survival.  We also excel at identifying patterns of difference among us despite the overwhelming similarities that unite us.  And somehow our pattern recognition favors framing those differences in binary terms despite the underlying continuums.  How do we let go of our […]

The Transient & Permanent

On May 19, 1841, Theodore Parker delivered one of the most famous sermons of the Unitarian tradition “The Transient and Permanent in Christianity.”  His sermon proclaimed that even if Jesus had never lived the core insights of Christianity would still be true. Not having Jesus as a teacher or an authority on the truth is […]