Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger

Rev. Leuchtenberger is our senior minister. Read more.

A UU – Christian Dialogue

It can be so easy to get stuck stereotyping those who hold different beliefs or values.  When doing so we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn from one another, to meet each other in empathy and compassion, and to find commonalities that would allow us to work toward shared goals.  Today’s service will be a […]

Claiming Jesus

Some of us identify as Christian, some don’t.  Regardless, Jesus has something to offer to all of us.  The stories he told and the stories that are told about him are powerful because they speak to longings and hopes, to struggles and paradoxes we all recognize no matter our context.  Come and listen to Christian […]

Our Christian Womb

Institutionally, Unitarian Universalism emerged directly out of the trinitarian, staunchly Calvinist churches founded by the Pilgrims and Puritans.  By the early 1800s, the more orthodox churches refused to exchange pulpits with the more liberal ministers, accusing them of the heresy of unitarianism.  In 1819, William Ellery Channing responded to the accusation by publicly embracing the […]

Death Penalty Obituary

This weekend, ministers, rabbis, priests, and pastors around the state of New Hampshire are preaching about the impact of the Death Penalty on our lives.  UUs have officially opposed capital punishment since 1961 and have repeatedly reaffirmed the need to find alternatives. It it time to close the book on this chapter of our state’s […]

Plugging in to Sanctuary

It can be tempting to keep going and going and going, until past the point when exhaustion and collapse become inevitable, when beauty and kindness can no longer be perceived, when compassion and generosity are out of reach, when a painful recovery is forced upon us.  When and how we hit that wall varies from […]

Our Sanctuaries

Sanctuaries are places of refuge, places that make us feel safe.  They are holy places we return to again and again, places made holy because we return to them over and over. Sanctuaries can take on many forms – physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. They exist all around us.  Yet we don’t always pay attention to […]

The Violence of the American Dream

Visions of the American Dream have inspired generations of recent and established immigrants alike.  The American Dream is a story of hope and fulfillment of a better life. Yet embedded in the American Dream are assumptions that undermine its very aspirations:  try hard enough (on your own) and you will succeed; success means owning (a […]

Owning Our Violence

Where is that line between strength and aggression, play and abuse, defense and assault?  Where in our lives do we wrestle with our own impulses to become violent – physically, emotionally, mentally?  What to do when we know we’ve crossed the line? How to respond when others feel we have crossed the line? How do […]

The Purpose of Violence

We may resist the notion, yet violence is a fundamental part of who we are as human animals and human communities, the survivors of decisions made by our ancestors over millennia.  We suffer from the consequences of physical violence, emotional violence, and violence in our thoughts. Nonetheless, as Robert Sapolsky writes in “Behave,” we don’t […]