Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger

Rev. Leuchtenberger is our senior minister. Read more.

The Challenge of Distasteful Integrity

Integrity does not imply a particular set of moral values. Opposing moral values can in themselves be consistent, coherent, and whole. Each side of a moral argument can represent and inspire a life of integrity, however distasteful the moral decisions will look from across the moral divide. How do we respect the integrity of those […]

Integrity – A Worthy Goal?

Integrity is about honesty, truth telling, principles, fairness, and good character. It’s what we expect in our leaders. It’s what we hope for in ourselves. Yet most of us consistently fall short – especially when we think we can get away with it unnoticed. As C.S. Lewis said: “Integrity is doing the right thing even […]

Diversity – A Balancing Act

Unitarian Universalism has been at the forefront of advocating for a multicultural, anti-oppressive world that feels welcoming to all, a world that embraces diversity as a social good, ultimately leading to a kinder, gentler, more peaceful world.  What if our good intentions have lead us astray? What if our approach is backfiring? What if […]

Healthy Tribalism

So much of the violence in our world seems related to the clash of people holding onto conflicting tribal identities.  Yet Darwin traces the very existence of non-selfish, cooperative human behavior to the emergence of tribes and tribal identity.  We need a strong sense of community to be our best selves, a strong “us,” […]

Connecting to The Other – A Water Communion Service

As we re-gather in our beautiful sanctuary for our annual water communion service we will remember what it means to be The Other, to feel the sting of exclusion, to deal with the taste of rejection.  Us – Them is our theme this month. Connecting to The Other is our aspiration as individuals and […]

Together We Share

During our annual Flower Communion service, we are reminded once more of the life-sustaining role that sharing and a generous heart play as we journey with each other through the roller-coaster that is life. Please bring a flower if you can though we’ll have plenty of extras. We will also recognize our Volunteer of the Year, […]

Seeking and Guarding

“Annual Music Service”
Who, what, and why do we search? What are we looking for? And when we think we have found “it,” what do we do with it? How can we come to terms with our natural inclination to form attachments and the inevitable suffering (and joys!) that come with these bonds? In a service of music, song […]

UUism as a Spiritual Anchor

Unitarian Universalism welcomes the exploration of other faith traditions.  Many of us are attracted to the depth of other traditions grounded in millennia of accumulated wisdom.  How can we transform Unitarian Universalism from being a container of these explorations towards offering its own spiritual depth?  How can UUism provide the kind of spiritual anchor we […]

Conscious Aging, Mindful Living

Today most people approaching elderhood can expect to live another 20-30 years.  How might you want to live those elder years?  Maybe you are in the second half of life and wondering what to do next?  Maybe you recently became an empty-nester and wondering “what’s next?”  Maybe you just retired and wondering who am I […]

Keep Calm, Get Fired Up

The prophetic voice is essential to our Unitarian Universalist understanding of religion.  Naming the injustices of the world, organizing to confront them, and staying committed until love and justice prevail are what we are proud to point to in our UU history and it is what deeply engages UUs across the country today.  How do […]