Private Rental Request Form

Membership Privileges

  • No rental fee for Memorials or Wedding Services (Labor Fees Apply: Custodian, Accompanist, AV Technician, and color printing)
  • For all other private rentals, members receive a 50% discount.
  • Community Partners: Concord UUs are often involved in non-church organizations or projects that have missions that reflect one or more church ends statements.  Church Members and Pledging Friends may apply to use the church building for such organizations or projects for free or at reduced rates. See our Community Partners page for more info and how to apply.

Alcohol may not be served at events.

  • All rooms may be rented by Members, when available.
  • Events, classes, and ongoing programs that do not generate net income and are organized by church members are charged one-half the regular rental rate. A church member must be the primary contact for the event and take full responsibility for the event in order to qualify for this rate. Click here to see the full rental rates (then deduct 50% for your member rate.)
  • MEMORIALS/CELEBRATIONS OF LIFE: The Concord UU Church offers memorial services for our members.  In the hopes of comforting our church members in their time of grief, at the request of a church member, we also will provide a memorial service for the immediate family member of a church member. Church members may have free use of the building for their memorial services or the memorial services of immediate family members.  This free use includes the service and reception. For other details please see Memorial Services for Members of the Church Information and Memorial Garden Wall Plaque Order Form.
  • WEDDINGS: Members may have free use of the sanctuary or chapel for their wedding ceremonies, but must pay the 50% discounted rate for a wedding receptionMembers must pay Facility Manager fees for weddings.
  • FUNDRAISERS: Do not qualify for the member’s 50% discounted rate, but may qualify for Community Partners discounts. See our Community Partners page for more info.

Extra Services Fees

Custodial, Facility Manager, and AV Technicians fees may be required for any type of event that causes work outside of the contracted fees.

Facility Highlights

  • accessible for people with limited mobility
  • defibrillator
  • onsite parking (limited on weekdays)
  • plenty of tables & chairs
  • wi-fi
  • a variety of large and small spaces for different types of events
  • audio system, projectors, handheld mics
  • live streaming from Sanctuary
  • set-up assistance available for large events
  • AV Technician for hire
  • full kitchen with dishes/silverware and use of dishwasher after instruction
  • nursery for large events (for ages 4 and under only, with appropriate supervision; it is not a child play space.)

Contact Us

Please contact or 603-224-0291 x1# if you have any questions. If you would like to begin the rental process please give us a call or fill out our Private Rental Request Form


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