An Earth for our Children’s Children

The Earth is arguably the most important member of our church community. We know she is in great need of our love and attention and have risen to the call to care and advocate for her many times in our history. Can we allow our hearts to be broken open now, our spirits to be awakened and our hands and minds to come alive in this time of her great need? Come join us as we explore how we can transform our congregation, mitigate the harm being done to our Earth and help our community build its resilience and ability to adapt to the changing climate. We will touch on all the ways we have been stewarding our Earth home, and ponder how we can amplify and expand those efforts by rejoining the Green Sanctuary initiative. Following the service, please join us for an Earth Action Forum where we re-imagine our response to the climate crisis and identify projects that people are moved to join and lead in this church year. 

One Response to “An Earth for our Children’s Children

  1. I have several suggestions for the church community to ponder to reawaken our interest in all things “Green”. I was unable to join in the conversation after the recent church service, but I would like to awaken the interest in several green ideas

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