Music Sunday: I Hear Music in the Air

It is easy to take the word “music” for granted. “Music” is a single word that encompasses art, mathematics, science, emotion, tradition, religion, culture, and history. We hear music in nature, we feel music within us, and we fill the air with our own musical creations. People find beauty in music, but not all people agree on which songs are beautiful. You will hear from singers and musicians in the congregation about where they find beauty in music as the Choir shares with you renditions of some of their favorite songs from the past year.

One Response to “Music Sunday: I Hear Music in the Air

  1. I just read something in my Druid studies that I thought you might appreciate: “True music and it’s undistilled four is all around us…” not sure if the rest of the paragraph is too long for this comment field, but I’m looking forward to this service immensely!

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