The Need for Answers

In the information age, with answers literally at our fingertips, why is it important to still have mystery in our lives? Is the need for an answer greater than the desire for the unknown or inexplicable? The emphasis on proof and outcomes is important but mystery persists as a reminder to enjoy the process.

Today’s community plate is for the Summer Day Camp Scholarship Program run by the Concord Family YMCA. Camp Mowkawogan, its name based on the Abenaki word meaning “community,” is held at Camp Spaulding in Penacook. The camp introduces campers to traditional summer camp activities, and helps to prepare youth as they discover, learn and grow to become active members in our community. The camp is about learning skills, developing character and making friends. Through the scholarship program, every child regardless of economic circumstances will be able to test their own limits and explore their own potential.


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