Topic: Justice

Death Penalty Obituary

This weekend, ministers, rabbis, priests, and pastors around the state of New Hampshire are preaching about the impact of the Death Penalty on our lives.  UUs have officially opposed capital punishment since 1961 and have repeatedly reaffirmed the need to find alternatives. It it time … read more.

Reparations – Why Now? Why Us?

As Unitarian Universalists we are called to “go boldly into our future”. But how can we go boldly into our future when we haven’t yet atoned for or paid for the sins of our past? The United States prospered on the backs of its slaves. … read more.

Our Founding Reality: Genocide

As Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz points out, to this day we idolize men who advocated and implemented genocide as great heroes, as embodying the essence of the American spirit. Who and what we worship speaks directly to who we are and what we can become as individuals … read more.