Countering Islamophobia

We are witnessing an upsurge of animosity, misunderstanding and even hate crimes again Muslims.  This is a great opportunity for us to learn more about Islam and to counter the hostile image of Muslims being portrayed in the media.  Rev. M’ellen is a Sufi minister (the mystical tradition of Islam) as well as a UU minister and for seven years has been part of the national grassroots efforts to stand with American Muslims and stand for democracy.  She will share some insights, surprises and lessons she has learned from these years of doing this work.  Let’s take back our lives from fear and cultivate friendship and understanding with Muslims. Hopefully some of M’ellen’s Muslim friends will also be able to attend.

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3 Responses to “Countering Islamophobia

  1. I just want to thank Rev. Kennedy, from the bottom of my heart, on that inspiring and insightful sermon she so eloquently gave on Islam. I do hope that all those who were present and saw this video understood the message with grace and humbleness. Please convey my regards and utmost admiration to the Rev. for her kindness and belief in our religion of Islam, as well as her humility in showing and reciting the Isamic verses when she performed a salat for the audience. May Allah bless her and keep her safe, InshaAllah. I have forwarded her video to all my friends and relatives.

  2. Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy has done an excellent interpretation of Islam in daily life. I thoroughly commend her for putting this sensitive topic of Islam in the wonderful light of the beauty and trueness of Islam

  3. Thanks to Reverand Kennedy for such a powerful presentation.You are a true Human and no words could describe the feeling I had listening to yyou.May Allah Bestow upon you all his goods.Just a question : if you are Sufi minister , that means you have entered Islam?

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