Topic: Islam

Countering Islamophobia

We are witnessing an upsurge of animosity, misunderstanding and even hate crimes again Muslims.  This is a great opportunity for us to learn more about Islam and to counter the hostile image of Muslims being portrayed in the media.  Rev. M’ellen is a Sufi minister … read more.

Discomfort with Islam

As religious liberals, UUs want to be explicitly welcoming to other faith traditions, and especially Islam, during this time of cultural Islamophobia.  Yet UUs are also a part of the general culture and need to honestly name and address their own discomfort where it exists.  … read more.

In Search of the Golden Age

As the waves of culture and belief systems threaten to submerge each other they encounter the corresponding waves of fear about loss of identity and tradition. And they generate distress about the loss of progress made on the path toward justice. All cultural/faith corners of … read more.

Loving Islam

Throughout November we will explore and learn about Islam and our relationship with Islam.  During this service Whitney Howarth and Michael Leuchtenberger will share what aspects and practices of the Islamic faith tradition they find particularly inspiring.

Our first Sunday drop-in covenant group will focus on our monthly … read more.