Whitney Howarth

Whitney is an active member of the Concord Unitarian Universalist church, teaching, singing in the choir, sharing sermons, coordinating services, and leading worship. She is an Associate Professor of History at Plymouth State University, specializing in modern world history and the history of India. Whitney is passionate about investigating questions of power and privilege as it relates to race, gender, and class in the context of imperialism, de-colonization and nation-state formation.

When Sanctuary is Violated

Perhaps there is nothing as jarring to our notion of self as when our SANCTUARY is treated with irreverence, or worse, when it is desecrated.  How do we react when our sense of the sacred is violated, whether that violation happens on our national border, within our church walls, or much closer to home?  The […]

Beyond the Giving Tree

Is Shel Silverstein’s classic story, The Giving Tree, an example of selfless giving or of selfish taking? In this service for all ages, we will take a closer look at love and limits.

Tantra and the Feminine Divine

In Hinduism, the mother goddess or Devi, embodies the cosmic force of SHAKTI – all powerful ENERGY. Shakti is a primordial force that gives life as it moves throughout the universe animating, defining, expanding. For nearly 10,000 centuries, the adoration of the feminine divine has motivated people to explore the complex collection of rituals and […]

Seeking Sanctuary – Within and Without

How do we find a balance between confronting violence in this world and maintaining a sense of inner peace?  When life calls us to boldly speak out and counter force with action, finding inner calm requires us to create a space of sanctuary within which we can calmly process, practice, and prepare for the work […]

#metoo & the millions of hidden identities

African-American social activist Tarana Burke’s original “Me, Too” campaign, launched in 2007, aimed to provide support to survivors of sexual violence who were marginalized, poor, underrepresented and without a network or community to protect them. Many such women self-identify as American women of color, millions more exist globally. But despite the ground-swell of solidarity that […]

Loving Islam

Throughout November we will explore and learn about Islam and our relationship with Islam.  During this service Whitney Howarth and Michael Leuchtenberger will share what aspects and practices of the Islamic faith tradition they find particularly inspiring.

Our first Sunday drop-in covenant group will focus on our monthly theme of “Islam”.  All are invited to participate.  Rev. Lyn […]

The Theology of Manure

Nathaniel Hawthorne was 37 years old when he wrote a letter to his beloved fiancé about the excruciating hours and days and weeks he spent shoveling dung at Brook Farm in West Roxbury, Mass. in the year 1841. The farm was an experiment in social reform started by a UU minister a few years before. […]