Speaker: Kay Read

Kay is a worship associate who has helped with summer services and participated in other groups and activities since joining in 2018 after moving from Chicago. She now finds herself returning to her former life as a fiber artist after 20 years of teaching at DePaul University on pre-conquest Mesoamerican religions, mythology, comparative ethics, and religious theory. She is most concerned with combating climate change; promoting nature’s grand diversity; and finding ways to help people open up to and support the grand, natural diversity of the human world. She lives with her husband Ned who chooses to go his own way church-wise.

What We Always Did…

The Holidays are saturated with traditions.  Many of us fondly remember the annual holiday rituals we had as kids.  Their yearly reappearance could give us a feeling of stability and belonging, maybe even a sense of generational identity. Any disruption of “what we always did” … read more.