Speaker: Betsy Black

Can We Go in the Glades?

What does brain science have to do with decision-making on the ski slopes? And how does this tie in with spirituality? Come learn and ponder the malleability of the human brain. 


Got Wanderlust?

Travel inspires, challenges and changes us… often in unexpected ways. Come join in worship to contemplate and celebrate travel in our beautiful world. Reflections will include thoughts from two travelers, the writer Robert Louis Stevenson and the Buddhist abbess Ziyong Chengru, as well as a … read more.

Stretching the Circle

Our theme for the month, “Widening the Circle” calls us to welcome newcomers into our congregation, to embrace all among us now, and to create a world that celebrates all people. This noble aspiration of heralding the worth and dignity of every person is embedded … read more.

What We Always Did…

The Holidays are saturated with traditions.  Many of us fondly remember the annual holiday rituals we had as kids.  Their yearly reappearance could give us a feeling of stability and belonging, maybe even a sense of generational identity. Any disruption of “what we always did” … read more.

UUs in Wonderland

Why don’t we walk around in a state of wonder all the time? What does it mean to cultivate wonder? How can we actively engender a greater sense of wonder in our lives? Come hear some musings, stories, and research that address these questions and … read more.