Speaker: Betsy Black

Activism Grounded in Faith

Unitarian Universalists have a long history of activism for social and political justice. Our congregation reflects this commitment through many collective ministries – our new Green Sanctuary efforts, the Friendly Kitchen meals, hosting Family Promise, and UUs for Refugees and individual activism. We also have individuals whose work and community service contribute to improving our … Continue reading Activism Grounded in Faith

Got Distraction?

Every day, all day we humans are distracted. In recent times, our collective brains are more and more called away by ever demanding electronic devices. What is distracting us individually and as a species, what are we being distracted from, and what can we do about it? Come learn about distraction, both as a present-day … Continue reading Got Distraction?

Can We Go in the Glades?

What does brain science have to do with decision-making on the ski slopes? And how does this tie in with spirituality? Come learn and ponder the malleability of the human brain.   

Got Wanderlust?

Travel inspires, challenges and changes us… often in unexpected ways. Come join in worship to contemplate and celebrate travel in our beautiful world. Reflections will include thoughts from two travelers, the writer Robert Louis Stevenson and the Buddhist abbess Ziyong Chengru, as well as a few tales from the worship leader’s travels by bicycle and … Continue reading Got Wanderlust?

Stretching the Circle

Our theme for the month, “Widening the Circle” calls us to welcome newcomers into our congregation, to embrace all among us now, and to create a world that celebrates all people. This noble aspiration of heralding the worth and dignity of every person is embedded in our UU principles. Sounds clear and easy. Is not … Continue reading Stretching the Circle

Alone Together: Solitude & Community

We often think of meditation practice as something that we undertake alone, but from the beginning meditation has been deeply embedded in the community.  Our commitment to contemplative practice is also a commitment to the wellbeing of community and all the beings within that community and beyond.   The service will have a more contemplative format … Continue reading Alone Together: Solitude & Community